Wednesday, 29 February 2012

traditionally tropfest

Each and every year we pack a picnic, pick a patch of grass + plonk ourselves in the sunshine .... waiting to watch the 16 short films that are Tropfest.
This year (and I know it's hard to believe from the photos below) a huge thunderstorm decided to pay a visit as soon as the second film started! The rain was so heavy that we were forced to quickly throw everything into the esky and head home :(

We blocked out ears over the news announcing the winner, and held out the whole week until we got our hands on the DVD thanks to SMH. Tropfest take two @ home in the backyard on a warm Summer's night was amazing ...  

+ perhaps it will be a new tradition :) We never really agree on the winner but that's half the fun! A light-hearted and funny story about a man and his Grandfather, and their successful refreshment stand - LEMONADE STAND took out the top prize this year and it definitely put a smile on our faces.

NOTE: The Tropfest Signature Item item for next year is BALLOON - we always forget!

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  1. Hi Katie Rose :)

    I love love love this site of yours. How fantastic!!!!
    I will stop by this blog from time to time i promise. I love the pictures and the stories you write. They are really nice. I might even take action and create one of the dishes you have recommended and send you a pic when i get around to it..maybe ill make it on your blog too :P

    Well i hope your doing well Katie :)

    Miss ya xx



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