Friday, 2 March 2012

chè (vietnamese fruit shake)

Since our trip to Thailand last year, my girls and I have been obsessed with Asia and in particular - Asian food. Last Sunday we had the afternoon free and decided to head to Cabramatta to check out what Asian delights we could get our hands on without having to jump on a plane.

As soon as we got out of the car we felt the familiar feeling of being a tourist. Street stalls with old ladies selling home grown weird shaped vegetables, sticky rice wrapped in bananna leaf parcels, BBQ ducks hanging in windows & huge pregnant bellies - everywhere! Plus it was an extremely humid, sticky day!

The fruit shake stalls caught our eye with their colourful selection of fruits, jellies and beans presented in their windows. Different to the Chinese Bubble Tea such as Easy Way (which I don't particularly like) you are allowed to choose 8 different fresh ingredients and they are topped with coconut cream and ice. I could identify the lychees, but that was about it! We had no idea what we were eating or even what it was called. There was a chunk of jelly, followed by a bit of mush and then a bit of crunch!

Googling the drink afterwards I discovered that the Vietnamese drink / dessert is called Chè and that ingredients can range from fresh fruit, tapioca, beans (black, red, mung), jellied sweets and even sweet corn.

We sat on a bench in the middle of the main street and people watched, sucking unknown objects through chuncky straws. It may not sound too appetising, but it really did taste amazing!

Will definitely have to pay another visit to Cabramatta soon for a big bowl of pho!

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