Thursday, 16 February 2012

moon travel

Last year I invented the sunnymoon. After being away from my partner Chris for 5 months while he travelled Asia & Europe, we finally met up with each other again in Germany. It felt like a dream to be in a different country with him after so long. He proposed on a bridge in the rain with a ring that had been carried around for months in his backpack, and we were over the moon. The best part was that it was followed by an amazing three weeks of travel. Newly-engaged, we were filled with happiness. Exploring the sunny Amalfi Coast in Italy and island hopping in Croatia, it felt like a honeymoon but we hadn't had a wedding.
The word honeymoon originates from the the idea that the first month of marriage is the sweetest. Sweetmonth = honeymoon. The idea of bungalows over aquamarine water, scattered rose petals and champagne waiting on ice, sunbaking with cocktails and room service breakfasts, massages by the water and white fluffy robes does sound pretty sweet - not to mention the unlimited sexy time! However some couples these days are starting to trend towards travel rather than holiday -adventure over relaxation, or if they're lucky enough a bit of both! It is now common to hear about couples using their honeymoon as an opportunity to experience the world. Europe discoveries, action packed snowboarding, asian trekking and elephant riding, site seeing and culture chasing -again sounding pretty sweet to me. 

But the idea of only having a period of sweetness at it's sweetest at the very start of a couples lives together doesn't really sound very sweet. While you'll always remember the holiday that was your honeymoon, I believe that any time away and alone with your partner can be just as sweet, and is just as important.

Babymoons are also becoming popular theses days with couples taking a holiday before their new baby arrives. I don't think there could be anything sweeter than welcoming a baby into the world, but any excuse for a holiday is a justified one.  

Our honeymoon is unfortunately a fair way off, and a babymoon is far ahead in the horizon. Meanwhile, a little cottage on the South Coast made for the perfect place for a honeybreak. Bacon & egg bbq breakfasts each morning, reading books on the beach, cheese and bickies, sleep ins and a few gummy bears for added sweetness. 

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