Friday, 1 June 2012

dogs i love

My first dog love and its a once in a lifetime love. He can sit, shake with both hands, drop, high-five with both hands and high-ten (rolling-over is over rated). He snores, yawns loudly, howls when hes excited and yaps when he dreams. He will do anything for a walk, or better yet a trip to the beach. He loves to swim in the waves, dig holes and make sure that he is completely covered in sand. His curls get the girls. He goes by the nick names of osc, nugget, nug, mc-nugget, oscypoo, osca-la- bosca, bubba, babaganoush, baby-boy, fluffington & snugglepot. He is moody & will let you know if you're not in his good books. His favourite food is cheese and schmakos. His enemy is the cat next door. He loves a bath and voluntarily lifts his paws up one by one to let me get to them. He digs holes, but only to get the cat. He has been known to bung on a sore leg for extra attention. He loves a good cuddle. He is my absolute best friend in this whole world. We just get each other.

Younger brother to oscer and all the more cheeky. Found him on Pet Resucue & fell in love with his face instantly. He has the longest skiniest legs which he uses leap and bound like a little lamb. He's definitely not a morning dog and growls if you try and get him out of bed. We call him ollie-wollie, ollie-wollie-cat-dog, oliver, wolly, wolly-woo and waldo. He likes to have a good old chat and loves chewing (gently) on brother Oscer's tail.

American staffy x big teddy bear, this gorgeous girl is sometimes mistaken for a wombat, and one time even a rissol! After being fed way too much devon, she is currently on a diet & her bottom is already less wobbly! I have always had a soft spot in my heart for sheebs. She is a very special girl. 


A little stumpy cupcake of a dog who isn't afraid to take on her big sister sheeba. The perfect size to curl up in a crochet blanket with.

Was the most gentle pup with easily mowhawkable fur. He always had a sparkle in his eye & had a such good life with a very loving family.

A beautifully elegant girl who loves to take nanna naps in the sun. Who could resist those spots!

Cheeky, bubbly and has secondary spots. She also eats her own poo, but she is absolutley adorable. 


I have known this little man for over 10 years - that makes him a grandpa!

Loves ripping the washing off the line, but she has a good heart.

Look at that doggie smile! Such a good all-round family dog.

Crazy as a pup but has now settled into being a good girl. Loves swimming in the pool and riding on her boogie board.


 I don't do cats. But this one i kind of like.

I do like goats too!

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